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Wireless Marketing Wizard :: CellRam

CellRam offers the best way for you to increase revenue. For the past 5 years we have been working with people just like you to develop procedures and functions in CellRam that meet your needs. We are now offering CellRam Version 6, the top tool available anywhere to increase sales and productivity in your operations. In just a short time, your database and upgrade count will grow faster than previously possible.
Attain greater sales levels than you now expect. Try CellRam for FREE and taste the benefits of increased income that our existing users have already realized.

Short Feature List:

  1. Automatically performs account lookups for your staff
  2. Generate account upgrade worksheets in seconds
  3. Stores Unit Rebate Eligibility and Account Details with High Security encryption
  4. Multi-level access and individual user controls protect your data
  5. Enter just a PTN or BAN to recall account information from your database
  6. Import tool allows you to integrate external data into CellRam Marketing
  7. Alerts you when accounts have upgrade eligible units
  8. Efficient Lead distribution functions simplify control over thousands of leads. Easily assign leads to users in any location
  9. Click to produce Software Usage Reports by Machine and User
  10. Complete CRM tool stores notes history and tracks call back dates
  11. Easily view Users' call notes and add comments
  12. Local and Wide Area Network options (see CLOUD )
  13. Direct mail reports and data export functions included
  14. Data Collector functions are included with CellRam
  15. Much More....
The Data Wizard is a new and exciting product from SoftSell.

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